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The best surviving gardens in the manner of the famous designer Le Notre to be seen in England today

Join us at Melbourne Hall Gardens

With its broad sweeps of lawn, avenues and unexpected vistas, it is one of the best known historic gardens in the country and the best surviving early 18th century English garden in the manner of Le Notre. That said, you don’t have to be a historian or horticulturalist to enjoy the beauty of Melbourne Hall Gardens.

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What our visitors have to say...

Fantastic. Truly great

July 2017 (Australia)

Paradise of quiet beauty. We enjoyed it

June 2017 (Holland)

Beautiful garden with a surprise around each corner

April 2017 (Staffordshire)

An absolute gem. Green and white, so beautiful

August 2017 (Oxfordshire)

Magnificent trees and lawns and clever touches of colour – stunning

August 2017 (Nottingham)